About Us

We are three sisters who share a passion for health and wellness. While we each lead very different lives, we are always exchanging fitness tips and macro-friendly recipes which is how Fit Whip was born! 

In 2018 we started making a homemade ‘protein ice cream’ recipe which was both delicious and satisfying. After continually tweaking and perfecting the recipe, we decided it was time to share it with the world!  We are so excited for you to indulge in a big bowl of Fit Whip while accomplishing your nutritional goals.



   Andrea is a working mom of two adorable children under the age of three. living in Chandler, Arizona.  Andrea has found happiness and confidence in her busy life by scheduling time for fitness and wellbeing daily – even though this means getting up at 4AM!  After each pregnancy, Andrea has regained her physical strength and energy by routinely prepping meals with her husband for their family, counting her macros and following quick and effective workouts. Inspired by her success, she became  an online nutrition coach to help other new moms like her!


   Lianne is an ambitious career woman, traveler and lifelong fitness junkie living in Grand Rapids, Michigan who likes to make every minute count. Lianne has had many chapters in her fitness journey from being extreme in cardio and strict in diet to finding a more balanced, healthy approach to fitness which she follows today (>3 years with Kayla Itsines’ BBG program!). Lianne and her husband of 10 years discovered their love of travel and experiencing new cultures after living in Germany for 3 years. Today they love to stay active together and continue to explore new places, cultures and food.  



  Shannon is a goal-oriented dreamer living in Nashville, Tennessee who is passionate about personal growth and living your best life. Shannon loves a good heart-to-heart conversation and is the financial brainpower in our Fit Whip trio.

Shannon swears by macro counting as a tool to live a balanced, healthy life. She adores her friends, family, and boyfriend who finally moved to the same city as her after 18 months of long distance. Shannon is obsessed with networking with boss babes around Nashville and on a mission to connect and empower women to go for their dreams and live a life on their terms.