Fit Whip Samples for Sale!

Been dying to try Fit Whip?

Friends always begging you for a sample from your precious tub?

 We can help you with that!

One-serving samples of Fit Whip are now available for purchase for only $5 so you (or your hungry friends!) can try it before buying a full-size tub!

To get your sample of Fit Whip (Chocolate Flavor) just go to the 'Shop' page of our website or CLICK HERE. Please note that samples and full-sized tubs must be ordered as separate transactions due to shipping method. 

Be sure to prepare Fit Whip exactly according to use instructions, or check out our 'Hot to Whip It' to see how we transform Fit Whip powder into a big bowl of ice creamy goodness!
Many thanks to Assured Edge Solutions for partnering with us to develop professional, saleable samples! Dan Rao and his team were wonderfully kind, prompt and professional to work with. If you need a small order of samples for your product, we definitely recommend to work with this company! No minimum order quantities and awesome customer service!

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