Things to celebrate!

We've got some exciting news to share!

Last week was quite a week for us sisters… especially for Shannon!

It started out with a feature about us and our journey to launching Fit Whip in an article called ‘Sisterpreneuers’ in Scottsdale Health Magazine.

This was the very first time we were featured in a magazine or outside publication, so this was quite a big deal for us! We are extremely grateful for FITposium and James Patrick Photography for helping us make connections and supporting our brand!  

But that’s not all!

As mentioned, last week was especially exciting for Shannon because she said YES to the love of her life, Evan, when he proposed to her on Saturday. After making a long-distance relationship work for over a  year, they are finally living together in Nashville and planning their lives together.

Knowing that Shannon loves surprises (although she nearly figured it out) and her family, Evan created a top-secret plan to have us all surprise her at the engagement.

Keeping this top-secret was tough! It required double- or triple-checking text strings to make sure we did NOT have Shannon on any of our travel plans, completely lying to Shannon about our weekend plans, hiding out from her during our Friday night fun in Nashville, and convincing her we were NOT in Nashville and we didn’t know anything about an engagement when she almost figured everything out (she’s pretty smart!).  

After telling Shannon all the fun we had sneaking around her, we went out on Broadway and celebrated this awesome event…we even got our mom to dance late into the night! 

Evan’s fun, kind-hearted, hardworking and supportive spirit is a perfect match for Shannon, and we’re excited to see them be the perfect complements to each other’s lives!

Now we want to know - what are you celebrating this week? We'd love to hear!

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